The NBAA 管理指南 is an industry how-to manual for business aviation management. Recognized as one of NBAA’s most popular member benefits, this publication assists flight departments with operational, maintenance, administrative and other considerations.

It should be noted that this is not a complete guide for all functions of the flight department; consequently, it does not cover every possible situation faced by business aviation managers. However, the NBAA 管理指南 does attempt to summarize essential information concerning the operation of a flight department, including chapters on Administration, Flight Operations, 国际业务 and Maintenance Operations.

Much of the information contained in this guide may be used as reference material to educate non-aviation company personnel on accepted practices and norms of the business aviation community. One of the essential functions of flight department personnel is to ensure that all company personnel appreciate and understand the operation, capabilities and value of the flight department.

The NBAA 管理指南 is an evolving document. In coordination with its standing committees, NBAA periodically issues content revisions for this publication as new information becomes available. The Association welcomes your feedback and questions on this publication. Send all comments to [email protected].


2021 年 1 月发布


下载 NBAA 管理指南,2021-01 版 (4.8 MB,PDF,AG发财网来专用文件)


The 2021-01 edition introduces the following changes to the content of the NBAA 管理指南:

  • 简化的页码,便于数字使用
  • 关于公务航空道德的扩展附录
  • Expanded descriptions of Flight Technician and Licensed Dispatcher roles and responsibilities in Aviation Department Personnel section
  • 修订了 UAS 部分
  • 电子飞行包的修订部分
  • 关于标准ag手机客户端怎么登录程序的修订部分
  • Up-to-date revisions to 国际业务 chapter

Note: For any Management Guide edition, margin lines are used to help readers identify areas with revisions, and sections may be restructured or renumbered where needed to accommodate revisions.